Beginner Pushup Challenge

Are you ready for another Fitness Challenge!

This one will focus on PUSHUPS! Woohoo! Aren’t you excited?

The first step to making changes in your health or routines is to start something and do it consistently.

Starting something new, especially a PUSHUP Challenge can be a little intimidating. Most women are not good at pushups because we are not super strong in our upper body strength and most of us cannot do even one standard style pushup. PLEASE do not let this stop you from participating!

A “challenge” implies that you will set a specific goal for a specific time period. It doesn’t mean you have to start out perfect. This PUSHUP Challenge is for everyone no matter where you are in your fitness progress right now and no matter your age. There is no time like the present to start a challenge and you are invited to join at any time whether you start today or you start a month from now.

This PUSHUP Challenge starts Monday, September 6th and runs for twelve weeks, three times a week. That is a total of 36 times you can practice doing a pushup at whatever level suits you best. That means you have time to get to the point of doing at least ONE standard style pushup by the end of the challenge. And, you can set your own goals, as well, so jump in whenever you can to improve your fitness on your terms.


Remember, this PUSHUP Challenge is free to all participants and designed for the beginner to advanced participant. You will do your pushups at the pace and position you decide is best for you. Set your goals according to what you CAN do today. Never work out in pain, ever!

IMPORTANT: If you are recovering from surgery or have sustained and injury that you are not completely recovered from, then please get clearance from your doctor or PT practitioner. They know your injury and how to treat it. They are the professionals in your recovery and know what your limitations might be. You don’t want to do anything to set you back from your healing process, so please have that discussion with your professional before doing this challenge. Remember, you have total control of your actions and you participate in this challenge at your own risk. Please be safe in your choices and opt out if it doesn’t suit you right now. There will be other challenges to look forward to!

Pushups are a simple and effective bodyweight movement that can help increase strength in your upper body and core. This exercise works the pectoral muscles in your chest and the triceps muscles in the back of your upper arms.


This challenge starts Monday, September 6th and occurs weekly, every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:45am on Zoom using the same log-in credentials for our the Strength Training Classes.

If you are new to fitness with me, there are two different log ins: One for Monday Strength Training and one for both Tuesday/Thursday Strength Training click the links to join the group and get the log in info.

If you already take these classes with me, you already have the log ins. You do not need to sign up again for the PUSHUP CHALLENGE, just sign in fifteen minutes early to participate.

Prepare for good form during one or all four positions we will work in: 


  • We will do one position three times a week, progressing from Stage One to Stage 4, with a few stretches and added exercises per session.
  • We will do as many pushups as we can in one-minute, increasing the increment by one minute each week. You are not required to do any specific number of push ups. Just do as many as you can in the designated time.
  • Use a chair or a counter top or a wall for the incline push ups. The higher the elevation, the easier it is, and the less pressure you put on your joints.
  • If you are unable to put pressure on your wrists, the wall pushups for the duration of the twelves weeks will be your best friend. OR, you can hold a plank position on the elbows and forearms either on a chair or the floor, starting at 10 seconds and increasing your time as the challenge progresses.

So you see, there are plenty of options that can be done by all. You just have to try them and see where you are at in order to succeed.


Try these methods to make your pushups more comfortable.

  • Perform pushups on a yoga mat or similar surface instead of a bare floor.
  • Place a folded towel under your knees for extra cushioning when doing kneeling pushups.
  • Place hands directly under shoulders with your fingers pointing directly in front of you to avoid wrist pain.
  • Place palms flat on the floor versus cupping your hands. This avoids straining your hands.
  • Look down at the ground during this exercise to avoid straining your neck.