Words to Live By

Below are just a few examples of words that hold a high vibration of energy. You can find more of your own that hold meaning for you. Find a comfy place to sit and be quiet. With your favorite pet or person in attendance maybe, and/or your favorite drink at hand, you can read them through … Continue reading Words to Live By

Banana Bread

I have been using this tried and true recipe from Yankee Magazine for years! It is simple, very versatile, and uses only a few ingredients you most likely already have on hand. Make it your own with the addition of nuts, cranberries and spices that you can turn into a special loaf for all your … Continue reading Banana Bread

October Reflections

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year and this year, we had an extended period of the most fantastic foliage display. Enjoy my photos of the past month of our surrounding area, my gardens and some of the events I attended and things I have done along the way.

Apples and Pumpkins and Cranberries, Oh My!

Like other dark colored berries, cranberries are a superfood and antioxidant powerhouse. These ruby-red beauties may are anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants and they rank just below blueberries (often called the king of antioxidants) in antioxidant potency. Scientific Health Benefits of Cranberries The vitamin C in cranberries supports immunity and is required to make collagen, … Continue reading Apples and Pumpkins and Cranberries, Oh My!

Apple Pie Bars

Even the "healthiest" granola or protein bar you find on the grocery store shelf can contain ingredients you may not want to consume regularly. KIND Bars, filled with nuts and seeds and coated with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel are, by far, the one bar that has the shortest, most whole food ingredient list … Continue reading Apple Pie Bars

Austere August

With little snow this past winter and the weather being very hot, dry and humid all month long with very little to no rain, the NWS put out a fire warning for our area this past week, which I don't recall ever seeing before. Wouldn't you know it, though, it started pouring cats and dogs … Continue reading Austere August