Fitness Classes

I am happy to announce we have a variety of online fitness classes on Zoom.

Strength Training classes and WalkFit classes sponsored by the Glocester Senior Center in Chepachet, Burrillville Parks and Rec Dept. in Burrillville, Generations at Chopmist Hill Inn in Scituate and by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island.

If would like to take Essentrics classes, go to Essentrics

Click the JOIN button to register for EACH class you would like to take on Zoom below. Once you successfully register, your confirmation includes the log-in information needed to join for that class using the Zoom app.

Please write down the log-in MEETING ID#/PASSWORD
for EACH class as this is the only confirmation you will receive.

You will need this info when you join the Zoom meeting on class day/time.
These log-ins are the same for each class, week to week.

Sharing the REGISTRATION LINKS with family and friends is encouraged.
However, please refrain from giving out the Meeting ID/Passwords once you have it.

It is really important to let people register for classes by clicking the JOIN buttons below on their own.
Thank you!!

Bone Builders
In-person only at Glocester Senior Center and free to all members.

Tuesdays – 10:30am
Fridays – 9:15am

Zoom classes are available and taught by Lynne Rheume. Please contact John Dionne at the Village at Waterman Lake for log-in details for those classes at 401-949-1333.

Strength Training – Arms, Legs & Core
In-person and Zoom classes are free to all participants.

Mondays – 9am – Zoom Only

Sponsored by Scituate Senior Center AND Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI

Register here and Share this link:

Tuesday/Thursday classes share a log-in code which is different from the Monday code.

You have to sign up using both links above and below if you want to take all three classes.

Tuesdays – 9amLive & Zoom Class!
New Location: Live at Burrillville Community Recreation Center (Beckwith-Bruckshaw Lodge) PASCOAG

Live class size is limited with priority given to Burrillville residents. Sponsored by Burrillville Parks & Rec Department

Thursdays – 9am – Zoom Only

Sponsored by Glocester Senior Center AND Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI

Register here and Share this link:

In-person and Zoom classes are free to all participants.

Wednesdays – 10:45a – Zoom Only

Sponsored by Raindrop – Donations in any increment are accepted through PayPal using Friends and Family at my email

Register here and Share this link:

Thursday – 10:30am – Live and Zoom
Live at Glocester Senior Center, Chepachet

Register here and Share this link:

Sponsored by Glocester Senior Center AND Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI


How to participate in our video classes:

 Logging in: 

  • If needed, use the one-click link in the success confirmation to install the Zoom app on your device (android, iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop) 
  • Log in using the Meeting ID/Password in the app on the day/time of class.
  • I will log in right at class time.
  • If you log in early, it will prompt you to wait for me to arrive.
  • The workout will begin right away and last about 40 minutes.
  • Upon log in, I will mute all audio but you’ll be able to see and hear me.
  • You can unmute at the end to say a few words, or type in the chat box.

 Working out: 

  • Make sure you have at least a yoga mat-sized space to exercise in.
  • Have a straight-backed chair for sit-ups, leg work and for balance.
  • For Strength Training, use 1-5 pound hand weights for arm exercises
  • Refrain from using ankle weights for leg exercises at this time.
  • For Essentrics, go barefoot and use a yoga mat.
  • Work within your range of motion, and please, never workout in pain.
  • Drink water and don’t forget to Breathe, Smile and Sparkle!

I am so excited about these video classes and I look forward to “seeing” you in class.
Please email me with any questions about the software or logging in.


If you are new to Essentrics with me, four classes in the Small Group Sessions is required to move into the Large Group Classes. To register for Essentrics classes with me, go to Essentrics.

Participants who have taken classes with me at Glocester Senior Center, Lincoln Senior Center or the Pascoag Public Library prior to the COVID-19 lockdown are welcome to join our regular Large Group Classes. Verification is required by providing your full name and the location where you took classes with me.

Go to the Essentrics page for class schedule and to register.