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Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle

Hello! It’s nice of you to stop by!
Everyone calls me Raindrop, health coach and mindset mentor, and I help
women who desire to achieve freedom from yo-yo dieting and poor eating habits
by changing their relationship with food naturally so they can live the vibrant,
awesome and healthy life they deserve!

Making better choices through developing a positive mindset, creating good eating habits and practicing exercise we love allows us to live life on purpose.

Long ago, I made a promise to myself to always stay active in my life and
there was plenty of inspiration for me to pull from, both good and bad.
Way back when I was a teenager, there was a woman who lived alone on my street who had white hair and seemed ancient. Her name was Flo and she always had cookies for us kids in the neighborhood. But what I remember most about Flo, was that every autumn,
she was up on her roof top, sweeping the fallen leaves from the roof!
She amazed me.
My own grandmother needed help out of the car and walking up the stairs!
She and Flo were about the same age and I didn’t want to be like that!

However, that doesn’t mean I ran marathons or was a serious athlete.
Far from it! My whole life, I have had my own struggles with weight gain and loss
(and, at times, a lot of it was in my head!)
My passion for health and fitness stems from my very close friends and family
suffering from health complications, some of whom died from diabetes, trying fad-diet drugs that went seriously wrong or dying on the operating table during open heart surgery. All three died between the ages of 30 and 35 and was devastating every time.
Each of them revolved around bad food habits and poor lifestyle choices,
and could have, most likely, been prevented.

That’s what prompted me to find my own way out of the junk food jungle.
I had to correct my poor eating habits, I had to heal from feeling crappy, bloated and miserable everyday and I had to lose the weight naturally. I eventually found the key to enjoying fresh whole foods and easy exercise routines that keep me happy and healthy.
It wasn’t easy, though and it didn’t happen overnight.
When I hear people say that it’s too hard, or don’t have time, or whatever, I get it!
It was, and still is, a process. And a commitment.
I am determined never to be dependent on health insurance “well care.”
So I choose to continue to take care of myself in mind, body and spirit,
working towards my ideal weight and health, naturally. Every day.
I am now over 50, take no medications, have no medical conditions to worry about and I sleep soundly every night. I work and still have energy to come home and do the things I love, like spending time with my family, cooking, gardening, dancing and listening to music, and helping others lose weight and get to a better level of health.

I know that when we make conscious decisions about eating really good food and
including fun and exercise into our daily lives it nurtures a mindful spirit.
It lifts us up and lets us shine.
And finding ways to put it all together so it fits our schedules is
part of the journey towards living freely and naturally. Sharing those values,
practices and routines with you, so that it can work in your life, is what drives me to
go out and radiate that to the world everyday. It gets me up in the morning and keeps me going all day. And it is very rewarding. I love to inspire others to remain active well
into the old-and-white-haired years, so others can say: I want to be just like her
when I grow up. Like I did with Flo!

So, join me on a journey of discovery, as we make changes and evolve
into our healthy best that allows us to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of
Living a Healthier Fit Lifestyle!

Good start to a change in lifestyle.

Anonymous, Spring 2016

Great place to meet people and share experiences and recipes!

Anonymous, Spring 2016


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