We have returned to LIVE, In-person classes at Glocester Senior Center!! Most classes are also broadcasted over ZOOM to accommodate those not able to join us in-person at this time.

Please click here for the ZOOM fitness schedule, or click the image down below to the class you are interested in.

GROUP FITNESS is an effective way to get your whole body moving, increase your energy and improve your balance and coordination no matter what your fitness level or age. Group fitness classes offer those who want to stay connected with their community a fun and easy way to get in shape, stay fit and be active for life.

From a gentle ESSENTRICS Release, Rebalance & Restore, class that will loosen tight joints and improve flexibility, to a low-impact cardio WALK-FIT that increases blood flow and oxygen, to a slow-movement, weighted BoneBuilders class for increased bone density, to a Strength Training – Arm, Legs & Core workout, we have a class that will meet your needs no matter your age or fitness level.

Group Fitness is right for you if you want to:

  • Liberate Tight Joints
  • Gain Flexibility
  • Maintain or Achieve Mobility
  • Stay Active & Get Fit at Any Age
  • Have More Energy
  • Connect With Your Community
  • Avoid Seasonal Depression
  • Look & Feel Better Than Ever
  • Drop a Few Pounds
  • Increase Your Stamina

Strength Training (Zoom only), BoneBuilders (live only) and WalkFit (live and Zoom) classes are sponsored by the Glocester Senior Center, Scituate Senior Center and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of RI and are free with paid membership to the senior centers.

The ESSENTRICS Release, Rebalance & Restore (live and Zoom) class is sponsored by the Glocester Senior Center is free with paid membership.

The ESSENTRICS Release, Rebalance & Restore (Zoom Only) classes are available on a subscription basis for new participants. Log-in credentials are emailed to within 24 hours of any paid subscription.
Existing participants may log in using your current meeting # and password.

Mondays – 9am – Zoom Only
Zoom Registration:

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 9:00am – Zoom Only
Zoom Registration :

Tuesdays – 10:30am
Fridays – 9:15am
Bone Builders at Glocester Senior Center
are IN-PERSON only.
New Participants must fill out BB Forms here.

Bone Builders classes led by Lynne Rheume are on Zoom. Registration info can be obtained with John Dionne at the Village at Waterman Lake 401-949-1333

Wednesdays – 9:15am In-person at GSC

Available on Zoom to Existing Zoom Participants Only – Please email me for ID#s

Mondays – 10:15am Zoom Only
Fridays – 8am Zoom Only

New Zoom Participants: Join us using a monthly subscription plan in blue below by choosing when and how often you want to participate!

Existing Zoom Participants: Log in with the Zoom Meeting ID and Password you usually use!

Choose your monthly subscription link below:

>>$25 Monthly – MONDAY – 10:15am

>>$25 Monthly – FRIDAY – 8am

>>$50 Monthly – BOTH MONDAY & FRIDAY

The links will take you to PayPal where you can pay by credit or debit card by logging in to your existing PayPal account.

The name you will see will in PayPal is:

Zoom log-in info will be emailed within 24 hours of your paid subscription.

Subscriptions are billed monthly until canceled.

There are no refunds or make-ups if you miss a class.

Wednesdays – 10:45am Zoom Only
Zoom Registration:

Thursdays – 10:30am In-person at GSC and Zoom
Zoom Registration: