New Year Pictorial

Please enjoy these pictures where you'll find New England scenery, several craft projects, a trip through Logee's Greenhouses in Connecticut and a kitty or two.

Join Me for a Fireside Chat!

Join me for a Virtual Holiday Cocktail & Cheer Hour through Zoom! Grab your favorite beverage (whether a cocktail, tea, coffee, juice or a smoothie) and your favorite holiday treat and take a little while to sit with me by the fire and spread some good cheer with each other outside of our regular class time and savor the spirit of the … Continue reading Join Me for a Fireside Chat!

A Week of Wildlife

To begin our week here on the homestead, we were graced with a small fawn that pranced across the back yard, through one of my flower beds. When I noticed it, I grabbed my camera and went out to see if I could grab a few shots. However, it was gone so fast. So, I … Continue reading A Week of Wildlife

Tiny House Tours

You may have heard of the tiny house movement where people are living bigger and better with less stuff in a smaller space. As housing costs continue to rise, more and more people are looking for alternative, affordable, and economically responsible ways to live. People are getting creative by converting sheds, school buses, and vans … Continue reading Tiny House Tours