Back-To-School Food Prep Ideas

Food prepping can be the greatest experience for a family to stay on a healthy path or the most daunting. It just depends on your point of view when faced with the task. Take the overwhelm out of the task of preparing meals or snacks in advance with a few organizational techniques and finding those … Continue reading Back-To-School Food Prep Ideas


Mid-Summer Hike and Foodie Delights

My short hike through one of my favorite places, Pulaski Park, in the northwest corner of RI, taught me how to get savvy with selfies (still working on that, lol!) and found interesting wildlife and habitats along the way and ended with a fantastic meal of roasted squash over pasta with my very simple veggie … Continue reading Mid-Summer Hike and Foodie Delights

What Do You Know About Your Favorite Sunscreen?

An excerpt from Dr. Axe website shows that all sunscreens are not created equally. In fact, a 2017 report from Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that nearly 75 percent of sunscreens didn’t work. This is EWG’s 11th Annual Guide to Sunscreens report, and the results show that while there have been major improvements over the last decade, the vast majority … Continue reading What Do You Know About Your Favorite Sunscreen?

Mostly Raw Summer Rolls

Ingredients 2 vegan whole wheat, spinach, carrot or spring roll wraps 1/2 cup diced red peppers 1/2 cup diced yellow pepper 1/2 cup diced red cabbage 2 large carrots, peeled 2 tbsp Your favorite hummus 2 tbsp raw, unsalted sunflower seeds or use any raw seeds of your choice       Instructions Heat wraps … Continue reading Mostly Raw Summer Rolls

Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?

Fireflies or Lightning Bugs? Did you live in an area that had fireflies? What did you call them when you were growing up? Whatever you grew up calling them, it's reminiscent of summertime! Many backyards are already aglow with magical fireflies – or lightning bugs, as many people call them. On warm evenings, there’s nothing … Continue reading Lightning Bugs or Fireflies?

Tasty Summer Treat!

Lemon Chia Pudding This recipe is adapted from a recipe by Vegan Richa... It's a lovely, tart and sweet lemon curd pudding that is just in time for summer treats and can be enjoyed frozen! On hot days, we all need something to refresh and fill us up for a snack or breakfast. Cue Lemon + … Continue reading Tasty Summer Treat!

Recurring Nightmare of the Gypsy Moth!

Aaargh! Who remembers the Invasion of the Gypsy Moth in Summer of 1981? That August, they were literally everywhere and on every thing. They covered entire houses and cars, engines and tires, walkways and entire roadways so that you couldn't drive down the road without hearing hundreds of them pop under the tires or walk down the street … Continue reading Recurring Nightmare of the Gypsy Moth!

Knowledge Is Powerful, Positivity Is Freeing

Today's blog post is simple and inspiring to me. I truly believe in keeping a positive attitude and everything will work out for you. I know it's not always easy, but when you practice this simple concept and you believe it down to your core, the universe, or God or your Creator has no choice … Continue reading Knowledge Is Powerful, Positivity Is Freeing

A Chorus Of Spring Peepers A Welcome Greeting!

Click Here to Hear What Spring Peepers Sound Like! Spring Has Sprung!! Woohoo! So excited! With the arrival of the robins a few weeks ago already, it hasn't really seemed like spring until this morning! The Peep Toads have come out of hibernation and are alive and singing their praises! This time of year just makes … Continue reading A Chorus Of Spring Peepers A Welcome Greeting!

Within Every Ending Is The Seed Of A New Beginning

Every day brings us new challenges, new successes and failures, new beginnings and endings, new friends and acquaintances, new opportunities and situations that can bring with it so much joy, happiness, and fulfillment along with fear, doubt and anxiety - if we let it. How we interpret those those feelings, how we react to them and how … Continue reading Within Every Ending Is The Seed Of A New Beginning