Words to Live By

Below are just a few examples of words that hold a high vibration of energy. You can find more of your own that hold meaning for you.

Find a comfy place to sit and be quiet. With your favorite pet or person in attendance maybe, and/or your favorite drink at hand, you can read them through several times in your mind or aloud. Find twelve words that call to your inner spirit, that strike a chord with you, right now, in this moment.

Write them down, or make a poster or bookmark with them – be creative and have fun! In a few days, repeat the process using just those twelve words, and find the ONE that you will aspire to all year long. This is the one you will use your measurement to live by or improve your life by in the next twelve months. The other words will still be there on your list or poster or bookmark as additional high-vibrational words to create a positive atmosphere. Post them where you can see them often (dashboard, computer screen, bathroom mirror, refrigerator, pantry, liquor cabinet…you get the idea!)

A-Z High Vibrational Words

A – Abundance, ability, acceleration acceptance, appreciation, awesome, amazing, adventure, achievement, awakening, accomplishment, air, attraction, active, awareness, alignment, affirmations, ascension, ambition.

B –Benevolence, bliss, blessing, beauty, beloved, beautiful, bright, breath, bold, build, being, beginning, believe, bountiful.

C – Charm, creative, cooperation, courage, care, compassion, confidence, crystal, clarity, collective, certainty, clairvoyant, counsel, community, choice, contribution, clear, cool, chance, consciousness, clean, connect, compatible, calm, complete, cosmic.

D – Dream, diamond, dance, divine, dolphin, develop, dialogue, darling, discovery, dynamic, dimension, decisiveness, delight, determination.      

E – Energy, ease, efficiency, elegance, encouragement, energized, evolve, explore, enrichment, expand, evolution, empathy, enlighten, ethics, enhance, elate, elevate, equality, excellence, enjoyment, ecstatic, Earth, enthusiasm, effortless, empower, enchant, exercise, experience, emerge, evolution.

F – Forgiveness, freedom, fun, friendship, flow, flexible, faith, fortune, fabulous, fairy, fragrance, focus, frequency, fulfillment. 

G – God, good, grace, gratitude, goodness, gratefulness, gratitude generosity, genuineness, gentleness, guidance, growth, glow, gift, gentle, great, glamour, genuine, give, generous, gold, glory.

H – Hope, happiness, heart, helper, healing, health, harmony, honesty, hope, hospitality, harmony, higher-self, humble, honest, hilarious, honey, heaven, hug, humor.

I – Intelligence, improvement,  impeccability, increase, incredible, inspiration, independence, intuition, informed, imagination, integrity, illumination, immense, insight, irrepressible.        

J – Joy, joke, journey, justice.

K – Kind, knowledge, knight.

L – Love, light, live, learning, lesson, luck, light-heartedness, liberation, life, light, light-heartedness, loyalty, luck, lucrative, luminous, luxury.

M – Meditation, miracle, magic, massage, multidimensional, moon, maturity, magnificence, manifesting, marvelous, mediation, miracles, motivation.  

N – Now, nice, new, nature, nurture, nourished, nurtured.                 

O – Oneness, opportunity, optimism, organic, opulence, overgrowth, outstanding, open-minded, originality, outgoing.

P – Please, plenty, positive, polite, pure, peace, pleasure, potential, prayer, power, purpose, present, passion, paradise, perseverance, possibilities, productivity, proficiency, progress, promotion, prosperity, punctuality, purification, purpose.

Q – Quality, queen, quiet.

R – Rich, right, radiant, rest, relationship, responsible, reward, renewal, rejuvenate, resonance, resources, revelation, release, rise, receive, realization.

S – Spirit, soul, self-love, smile, silly, serenity, sun, star, stillness, strong, success, sensitive, smart, shine, synchronicity, subconscious, sacred, share, support, sparkling.

T – Thank you, tranquil, teacher, trust, tune, transformation, together, true, touch, transition, transparent, telepathy.

U – Understanding, unity, unique, Universe, upward, unconditional.

V – Victory, vibes, vibrant, vigorous, vacation, valuable, vortex, vivacious. 

W – Water, wisdom, wealth, wellbeing, will, World, wellness, whole, whisper, wave, wings, wonderful.

X – Xoxo.   

Y – Yes, yum, youth, yin yang.

Z – Zen, zesty, zestful, zippy.

Once you have found your word to live by this year, use these three simple ways to raise YOUR vibration every chance you get and be A-mazing!