New! Whole Food Workshop in Burrillville…

Hello there! It’s Wicked Awesome Wednesday and I want to know what you are doing to make this a great day for you? The weather is cool and misty here in New England today, and it makes you want to stay indoors, under the covers! But, that doesn’t produce results or progress!  I am not usually affected by the weather although I did cut my outdoor morning activities somewhat short today which I had to create another option for. But that’s my point. You don’t forego what you would normally do because the weather is bad. That’s how we stray from the things that will eventually produce a habit or routine.

At our Mind-Body-Spirit Support Group a few weeks ago we were talking about what our goals and wants are for the next few weeks, months and the whole of 2017. One goal for me for the next 30 days was to make breakfast a priority because I had recently been avoiding breakfast to get what I thought were “more important” things done. I wasn’t taking time to nourish myself until I was starving at around noontime. When we push those things to our limits, we tend to make poor food choices because our bodies need the nutrition.
So, to get started on this new priority, I actually scheduled my breakfast on my calendar with a reminder! Oh, yes I did. I had to. No matter how many times I promised myself I would take the time to eat at a reasonable time, I didn’t. So I scheduled it in, just like I would a meeting with a client or an important appointment. And, using that strategy, it didn’t take long for me to get into the habit of taking the time to make myself an awesome, nutrient-dense meal, with time to enjoy it. I am now committed to breakfast (without the alarm, no less!) just like my morning meditation and my workouts. Yay! So, what else is possible for YOU in the next 30 days?

I want to announce that my WHOLE FOOD WORKSHOP is coming up on Tuesday, January 24 and there are two spots still available. If you are sick and tired of carrots and celery because you think it’s diet food and don’t know what else to eat you need to come to this workshop! You’ll learn ways to prepare beautiful whole foods that are tasty and easy to make so that you enjoy it and get more nutrition and less calories with every meal.
This workshop is for women who have plenty of meat, chicken, fish, pork and fast foods in their daily diet, and not enough whole, fresh, colorful fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds to satisfy their nutritional deficiencies. At this workshop, we will help you solve that puzzle so that you’ll look so forward to your meals that you’ll be planning them in advance!
As of this posting, I have two spots available. Please reserve your spot at WHOLE FOOD WORKSHOP soon so you don’t miss this awesome opportunity.
And come hungry…I can’t wait to serve you!

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