Join Us For Fun & Friendship For Firing Up 2017 As Your Best Year Yet!

pinterest-adHello and Happy New Year to You!!
Over the last several months, I have been inspired by some great women. These are women I have served in my classes, who have believed in me and more importantly who believe in themselves. They have made awesome strides in creating their best health right now, eliminating what no longer serves their greater purpose and adopting new ways of thinking and creating good habits that will last a lifetime and I am so proud of their progress.

I have also been inspired by my mentors to embrace the challenge of bringing my passion, knowledge and classes online which I have worked hard to develop and am happy to announce that those programs are rolling out now and I am so very excited about it!

However, I didn’t want to lose the connection to my local community when my six-week classes came to a close at the end of the year. So, I will happily continue serving you with guidance and healthy inspiration through my new series of Healthy Living Support Group and Whole Food Workshops that I will be hosting from my home in Burrillville, RI starting January 2017!

These groups & workshops will meet monthly and focus on inspiring women to realize their awesome potential, develop a positive mindset, and create a plan to stick to their goals whether that is losing weight, eating healthy, ditching the junk food, fitting exercise in their daily lives or simply getting organized. The Whole Food Workshop is an interactive, hands-on session focusing on how to use your appliances to incorporate fresh foods that nourish the body and soul into your life with quick and easy nutrition and vibrant health, even if you have no time to spare.
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I am looking forward to seeing you!
Peace, love and light for 2017,