It’s Not About Being Perfect

Sometimes we have to kick our own butts (cuz really, would we listen to our loved ones if they told us to get up and exercise or put down the chips?) Sometimes we do, but chances are we don’t want someone telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, no matter how right they are. We know they are right, but we dig ourselves a rut and can’t get out of it. Whether that rut is eating too much of the wrong things, or not exercising enough or just being plain lazy.

Sometimes, though, you have to kick your own butt! TODAY is the day you quit whining about your situation and DO something about it! No one can do it for you…you have to want it. YOU are responsible for your own actions. YOU have to deal with the consequences of those actions.

So we have choices. We can do nothing and see no results, or we can do something and start to see things turn around for us. That doesn’t mean those changes will result in an immediate change you can see overnight. No, that would be unrealistic. Those choices to improve your eating and exercise habits will benefit you immediately, but you may not see it right away.. Those choices will lead to big changes in your future health and image of yourself. It benefits our self-esteem, our charisma, our cholesterol, our breathing, our outlook on the world and our inner peace and radiance and a host of other great improvements.

Today, I left work determined to get in an hour of exercise before I did anything else when I got home. However, when I arrived home, there was painting to be done, laundry and dishes to do, etc. and I found my attention being diverted from my goal because I was distracted by all the chores I wanted to do as well.

I was also hungry and picked up a bag of chips and started munching while I was telling my husband I wanted to get in a really good workout before I did anything else. He laughed and said, “you don’t even like those chips, put them down.” I realized I was mindlessly eating chips I don’t even like (we don’t buy chips I like for a reason!) because I was so hungry and it was easy and it was right there. So, I made the choice to put down the damned chips (would have loved more, mind you.) I made the choice to change into workout clothes and I made the choice to do a really great workout before doing anything else.

I did the P90X KenpoX, start to finish (about an hour including warm up and cool down.) It’s a hardass, freakin’ awesome workout but I love doing! I know it kicks my butt, but that’s what I needed today. As Tony Horton says in the end, I had some serious DNA removal going on. As Jessica Smith says, sweat is your fat crying. Two great sayings that go great together!

So my message here is it’s not about being perfect all the time, but making a commitment to yourself to do better everyday. It’s about making a choice to either wallow in  what-ifs and what-could-be’s and not taking the chance to make the change, or being brave and bold and taking action toward your health goal now, kicking your own butt and just doing it. Once you do it, you will be glad you did. Whatever that something is for you, just do it. It may be running, bicycling, hiking or if you are just starting out on your weight loss journey, it might be as simple as taking a walk around the block. You just have to start. And you have to find that something that makes you happy and you don’t dread doing. Each of us is going to have a different go-to type of exercise that makes you happy. Kickboxing just so happens to agree with me. I love it. And it kicks my butt!!

So please, when you find yourself starting to make poor choices, kick your own butt and make a choice to put YOU first. Walk past the dishes in the sink, walk past the piles of laundry (you can do it after YOU…it’s not going anywhere!) And put down the chips or cookies!! Go put on your workout clothes and make YOUR vision of YOUR best self come true and alive with exercise and excitement! And then, have an awesome rest of your day!!
Peace & love,