Why Jessica Smith Doesn’t Focus on Calorie Burn

I love Jessica Smith and her little dog Peanut! Have you seen any of her YouTube workout videos? You can click on JessicaSmithTV and check out her 40-minute Belly, Buns and Thighs Walk. I usually share one or two of her workouts on my Healthier Fit Lifestyle facebook page so you can check out a few there as well. After doing the above workout, I clicked on the article she wrote about how many calories certain activities will burn. As a health and fitness coach, it’s a question I hear all the time. This article sums it up pretty well.

Click the link below to read the article Jessica posted about it and why she believes you should not count calories burned during your workouts. I know I have fallen into the trap of thinking since I burned “X” calories, I can have chocolate cake. What do you think? How do you react to counting calories, calorie burn and the dreaded scale?

3 Reasons Why You Should Forget How Many Calories Your Workout Burns (And Focus On This Instead) by Jessica Smith


This is probably my least favorite, most frequently asked question. I get it all the time with my workouts – how many calories can I burn with this routine? How often should I do it to lose weight? While I have answered this to the best of my ability in the past, and have even used it to help promote some of my workouts, it’s a question I really would prefer to stay away from.