My Garden Tower® 2 Delivery

I am wicked excited! I just received my 50-Plant Composting Garden Tower 2 yesterday! Many of you know I am an avid gardener and I try new things in my garden each growing season. I put in a hugelkultur a few years ago; self-watering 5 gallon buckets last year; many raised beds; tried a stagnant … Continue reading My Garden Tower® 2 Delivery

Linzer Cookies

Created by renowned raw chefs Russell James and Amy Levin, two of my favorite raw food chefs, who take the time to show you how to make creative and beautiful foods with few ingredients to maximize nutritional value that are relatively easy to make. Click the photo above to go directly to the recipe! Or … Continue reading Linzer Cookies

Mango Sorbet

We have been using this recipe for years and it is still one of our favorites around here! Follow these easy steps to make a healthy, refreshing treat that has only two ingredients with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Try this recipe with peaches in the same way, which is absolutely delicious! Or combine … Continue reading Mango Sorbet