October Highlights

You all know what my fitness workspace looks like but are you curious as to what my “other” workspace is like? October starts the last quarter of the year and most retailers are on high alert putting out every seasonal item on an early schedule. Although, Halloween items were minimal in my store, Fall decorations and place settings are in full supply and they make everything look so pretty!

I am well into the holiday season for Nespresso as well, and we had two weeks of a really great sale. We are not allowed to make and serve coffee samples during this season, which makes our job so much harder, but I managed to make so many people happy with their coffee brewing choices. I had several couples come back to tell me how happy they are! That is so fun to hear. I have free reign on how I set up my workspace in my store, so I thought I would post those along with all my natural beauty photos. A lot of my photos are during my drive to and from Warwick & Burrillville on either Rt 102 or Rt 116. Enjoy!

My favorite part of October was making a few gifts for some special people in my life and my Aunt Gloria’s 90th birthday party. It was so fun to see her enjoying all her family and friends. My cousins made it so beautiful!