Two Favorites from Raw Food Kitchen

I have been having fun in the kitchen quite a bit lately, working on some new whole-food workshop recipes for when we get back to our regular routines after being home on corona-cation, but they aren’t ready for posting yet.

I have also taken some masterclasses from a few of my favorite raw-food trainers in the last few weeks that have been really awesome. I learned quite a few things which I will be rolling out to you once I have mastered a few of my own recipes using some new techniques.

In the meantime, I am sharing two of my favorite take-away recipes from my friend Amanda over at Raw Food Kitchen in New Zealand. She is also a whiz in the kitchen and makes her own dressing for this Kale Chip recipe. Keep in mind, there are many dressings you can massage into kale to make kale chips, but I prefer homemade dressings and sauces to store-bought whenever possible because I know exactly what I am getting.

I also have a Breville Air Fry oven that is fantastic for Kale Chips. It has a dehydrator setting which works really great for these. You can also put your regular oven (don’t use a toaster oven!) on the lowest setting and keep the door open a crack to “dehydrate” instead of bake.

You will love having this simple Vegan Mayo on hand. The main ingredient, raw cashews, is basic raw-food staple in my kitchen pantry. I love them in almost everything, so they don’t last long around here. Raw cashews are so sweet all by themselves, and when blended into soups, cheese cakes, dressings and dips, they add the most decadent layer of creaminess that is so heavenly. They also contain a lot of protein and fiber adding another level of goodness to any dish you make with them!

Anyway, here are Amanda’s recipes for KALE CHIPS and VEGAN MAYO, two separate recipes that can be used together or not! Enjoy!