A Week of Wildlife

To begin our week here on the homestead, we were graced with a small fawn that pranced across the back yard, through one of my flower beds. When I noticed it, I grabbed my camera and went out to see if I could grab a few shots. However, it was gone so fast. So, I did what I always do during my morning gratitude walk around the yard. When I came to a large clump of ferns, there was the little fawn nestled so cozy amongst all the tall ferns! To my surprise, it didn’t move and I was very, very close. So I was able to capture some pix. I was worried about it, so we called animal control and they assured us that it was not abandoned and the mom was close by. She was either teaching them a lesson, grabbing some food for herself, or there was a preditor nearby that she was protecting them from. He said to give it an hour and it was sure to be reunited with its mom. Well, sure enough, almost to the minute, the fawn was gone. We didn’t see it go, but there were hoofprints around! So cool.

Then this morning, bright and early, as the sun was rising, before I had a chance to do my walkabout, I was staring out the kitchen window and a fairly large racoon sauntered down the path from the woods behind us. Again, I didn’t have my camera, so had to go grab it and sure enough, he was gone. I grabbed my coffee and headed out and did a lazy walk around to see if I could spy the critter anywhere. Well, I was disappointed to find he vanished, when I thought to look up at the tree tops. Well, there he was right above me watching me the whole time! So stinking cute! So, of course, I started snapping pictures and talking to him like he could understand what I was saying! LOL I was having fun but kept my distance. I wasn’t sure if he would charge me, or if he was just as curious about me. I didn notice that all the watermelon rind I had thrown in the compost pile last night was whittled down to nothing.

Here are a few flowers and buds ready to pop in and round my gardens. We have been harvesting strawberries and rhubard. I just put in the aspargus and more strawberries, so it won’t be for a while until those get going. The last few years they were hit hard by the gypsy moths, but I have to say, my blueberry bushes are loaded down with a ton of berries and we are looking forward to a rewarding harvest.

I hope you enjoy these pics of my garden. Much better in person, but I cannot keep them all for myself. Enjoy!