Tiny House Tours

You may have heard of the tiny house movement where people are living bigger and better with less stuff in a smaller space. As housing costs continue to rise, more and more people are looking for alternative, affordable, and economically responsible ways to live. People are getting creative by converting sheds, school buses, and vans into living spaces. They are taking life on the road and working remotely, or finding a nice spot to enjoy the view and work less, locally.

Last weekend, my kids and I had the pleasure of attending Miranda Aisling’s 5th Annual BIG Massachusetts Tiny House Festival in Beverly, MA. She is an artist and owner at MirandasHearth.com as well as a tiny homeowner. Her purple tiny house on wheels is called Aubergine and is built on a large tow-behind trailer and is so creative and cute, inviting and even spacious inside. It has everything you need to live and more. I loved it!

Click here for a short YouTube video about the event, or check out our photos below!

My favorites were the boxcar and caboose by Roundhouse Workshop from New Hampshire. Interior photos below are of the caboose. The boxcar is a mini pub but can also be used as an office or workshop!

Check out Tiny House Nation with Zack Giffen from HGTV for more tiny home tours or Bryce Campbell from the popular YouTube Channel Living Big In A Tiny House. Both of these guys live in a tiny house, traveling the country or world in search of like-minded people. They are a wealth of resources and will give you tons of visual information and insight into the creative minds of others for living in such small spaces.

Ethan Waldman was in attendance at this event, but I didn’t get to meet him. He runs a weekly podcast that I listen to about all things tiny homes. He interviews people from around the world on various topics about building tiny homes from the ground up, building codes, certification to make it road-worthy, to how to compost human waste, use solar energy and what to do with gray water…and more! He also lives in a tiny home on wheels with his wife.

These tiny homes measure anywhere from 94 square feet to about 300sf depending on the length. The width is limited to approximately 8 feet if you are taking it on the road. Which means you really have to be creative with your space, and not have a lot of stuff. Those dimensions are a little small for us, but we also live in a 2000 +/- sf home, so the size of a tiny house on wheels is about the size of one bedroom and they pack a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room into that small space. It is truly amazing to see it in person.

I am excited to see the small cabins my kids design for themselves in the near future. Their design style is so different, sleek and modern than mine, which is very retro to the 1920s. I think that’s why I loved the caboose & boxcar so much. I definitely would need more space around the bed. There is no worse thing than to struggle making a bed! Have you ever changed sheets on bunk bed? Not easy. The tiny homes mostly had beds up in a loft. The older I get, the worse that sounds, although it was very cozy. My kids have some definite ideas about what they want and need…a flushing toilet being a priority! And electricity.

How about you? Could you live in a tiny house? Post your comments!