BoneBuilders of RI Leader Training Starts Soon!

Dear Leader Prospects, 

The 4 hour leader training has been scheduled for April 25 from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

If you are interested, please read through the requirements below to verify you can take on this commitment. Then, if you are still excited to get started, please email me back to let me know.

For Newbies: Prior to the training, we require prospects to attend prerequisite classes at various locations to get acquainted with the class content and procedures.  For those who have never attended a class before, we require participation in at least 16 classes with at least 4 different leaders prior to attending the Training Course. All classes should be logged on a single sheet of paper and signed by the leader at each location for each class. (A printable log has been provided in this email)  

For Current Participants: If you have attended classes on a regular basis (twice weekly)  for more than 1.5 months, we require only 6 classes with 3 leaders with whom you aren’t already familiar.  We ask that you attend at least 5 of these prerequisite classes prior to attending the training.  All classes should be logged on a single sheet of paper and signed by the leader at each location for each class. (A printable log has been provided in this email)  We require that all classes be logged prior to the training course.

Logging Class Time: Please print the document attached to keep track of your class visitation. If you are unable to print, please simply reproduce it by hand. 

Upon completion of the training session on April 25 and attendance at the prerequisite classes, you will be eligible to co-lead classes. You will be required to successfully co-lead 4 classes as a basis for scheduling your certification class. You will lead your certification class at a master Trainer location. (With Susan Bayley – The Village at Waterman Lake or Lynne Rheaume – Smithfield Senior Center) Participants of this class will rate your performance based on several criteria on a numbered scale. (1 poor to 10 excellent)

Leaders who achieve a passing grade will be certified to lead BoneBuilder classes.  Those who do not pass will be given additional time to adjust their delivery according to the suggestions and/or grades given in the different areas critiqued by the master trainer’s class. A second certification class will be scheduled and the  above grading format will repeat. 

When you are certified, you will be eligible to substitute lead existing BoneBuilder classes and/or develop your own class. We will assist you in finding a location and starting your class. Please note we are willing to work with any restrictions you may have depending on the demand we have for the location of your own classes. Please reach out with your unique situation so we can work something out. 

Please let me know if you are able to complete the above and will begin attending prerequisite classes. We look forward to having you all on board!

John Dionne
The Village at Waterman Lake
BoneBuilders of RI
P: (401) 949-1333 X:22
F: (401) 949-1493