Within Every Ending Is The Seed Of A New Beginning

Every day brings us new challenges, new successes and failures, new beginnings and endings, new friends and acquaintances, new opportunities and situations that can bring with it so much joy, happiness, and fulfillment along with fear, doubt and anxiety – if we let it. How we interpret those those feelings, how we react to them and how we let them guide us, provides us with perfect opportunity to make decisions that can shape our future.

Facing each matter head-on, acknowledging what exists may need changing, and finding ways to overcome it and making solid choices based on fact that serves your highest and best, will give you the means in which to continue grow and move forward in your life. Letting fear take over and guide your choices will only hold you back and keep you stuck.

Some people will let fear and doubt take over and some won’t. Others are just waiting.
People are afraid of change, staying stuck without achieving their full potential or realizing their goals and dreams. Those fears are wrapped around us like a woven cocoon serving as our protection. And yet, as we go through life strongly holding on to this protection, it ends up doing us more harm than good.

Some of these fears may be warranted. Some stem from our belief of what’s true and is not necessarily based on fact. It can be deep-rooted in what we’ve been taught or experienced as children or teens, or from certain events in our lives that causes emotional pain, embarrassment or rejection, no matter what our age, and stunts our growth and success. Some people can rise up and overcome the obstacles while others wallow in it and find it easier to do nothing at all.

When your WHY is bigger than your fear, the motivation to create change becomes clear.
When you are at the point of being sick and tired and fed up with and have had enough of whatever ails you, mentally, spiritually or physically, or otherwise, whether it is fact or fiction, that is your WHY. That is the point when your thinking starts to shift. That is the time when you let yourself be vulnerable enough to open a crack in your protective armor to let in some light and a sprinkle of hope that things really could be different for you. You’ll see that the tight grip on your armor no longer serves you. You may find that living without it is less worrisome than discovering what lies ahead, and shedding the burden of fear opens the door to a host of possibility, outcomes and choices.

Old habits die hard as we all know. Expect that some of those inner doubts will seep back into your thoughts and nag at you to retreat to the cocoon. But you have suffered long enough, for whatever reason, and you want to be done and over it so you can move on. You want more. That is when you know you are truly ready to let go of the fear and create the change you desire most.

Change can be chaotic and overwhelming and creates a new awareness that demands our attention. It’s possible to feel like we’ve lost all control, that it’s all too hard and the fear of messing up is huge, but don’t use that as an excuse not to take action. Realize that change takes time, patience and practice and the anxiety of it not happening fast enough can be daunting. Not every choice we make is the “right” choice, but if you feel positively about something in your gut, down to your core, you know you are on the right track. Not every opportunity will work out, but it’s the exploration of each one that cannot be ignored.

Think about what you’ll gain from this monumental shift within you and how your positive outlook will bring about the desired outcome. Be clear and concise in what you want. Be brave in taking the first steps. Be resourceful in seeking others who teach what you want to learn. Surround yourself with like-minded people who support you to be your highest and best. Be unstoppable in your quest for fulfilling your deepest desires. There is never a perfect time to ditch fear and doubt. Don’t wait. Gather your inner faith and give yourself permission to go for the gold. You deserve all the world has to offer and you are worth it!

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