Staying Amped & Focused Leads To Productivity

Staying Amped & Focused Leads To Productivity
Last week I talked about procrastination and how we put off the things we least want to do and how to work around that. Productivity, the opposite of procrastination, means things are getting done and even done on time. I had an incredibly busy and productive week and I will share with you my regular routine for staying motivated, focused and on task.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, our tasks may not be exactly the same, but our goal to meet a desired outcome is. So, whether you are writing a term paper, assisting patients, meeting clients or achieving sales goals, we all have tasks that need to be managed. But how do we deal with life when we burn the candle at both ends, or have a creative spirit that allows us the freedom to work differently than those who work the 9-5 job and end up feeling stuck, chaotic and unproductive?

I am a firm believer that HOW you start each day, dictates the OUTCOME for the rest of your day. If you start your day in a cloud of lethargy, stumbling to begin, you’ll be struggling to catch up all day.

We know that productive people are routine-based beings, who are up as soon as the alarm sounds. They are typically happier, less stressed and healthier individuals. They are focused, task-driven and motivated, leaving them more time in the day to enjoy life on their terms. Isn’t that what we all want?

5 Steps to Better Productivity
Adopt a routine that gets your motor running for the whole day. Do things that will supercharge you to your very core, sparking your inner energy into high gear, invigorating you and those around you!

Meditation is one of the first steps to a great day right after a drink of water and bathroom break! My morning meditation is only five minutes long and I usually do it outside, in nature, no matter the weather (unless its pouring!) It doesn’t have to be a long hour of sitting in stillness, unless you want to or are part of a meditation group. On the contrary, meditation is personal to you, being as short as you like, and effective nonetheless. You can have background music or not. Meditation, regardless of the time you do it, is your time to honor yourself and set your intentions for the day. I usually meditate around the time the sun or moon rises or sets, sitting by a stream or a pond. Those are my truest happy places. Try, an app that provides daily meditations of all kinds!

Part of my meditation includes expressing gratitude for everything that I am and have in my life. I say it out loud and make it real. I feel it within my core, breathing it into my being. It doesn’t have to take long, and by expressing gratitude, it allows us to stay grounded and in the present moment. It provides a more positive outlook on life, giving us hope that anything is possible, so that we appreciate what we have while still pursuing our goals and dreams.

Set an intention of three key things you want to feel or accomplish each day. These can be things you want to overcome or situations you want to change. Ask yourself what three things you can do that give your day immense meaning so that you have the best day ever in order to propel your life forward? This question will provide clarity and a tangible target. Once you set a clear & concise intention, you’ll find a way to have it. Start a journal of intentions and see where that takes you. People are more apt to achieve a goal when it is written down.

4. MOTION CREATES EMOTION (a quote, belief and practice of Tony Robbins)
Get yourself up and moving briskly for just seven minutes right after the above steps. This will give you more energy than any stimulant to propel you forward to tackle the rest of your day. It is impossible to feel sad or stressed when exercising or laughing even for a short time. Your healthy body and mind will positively affect your outlook, so that no matter what happens, you react in a positive way. If you can’t make it to the gym, walk around the yard, run up/down the stairs several times, jumping jacks, laugh out loud from the belly! Anything to increase your heart rate, oxygen intake and get your blood flowing.

Just like a machine, your body doesn’t function well without quality nutrients. Fresh whole foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, protein and grains keeps your body in tune. An unhealthy diet is linked to a 66 percent loss in productivity.

Start each morning off with a fresh green drink (not processed or packaged.) If you have a high-speed blender, you will benefit from the wealth of micronutrients packed inside, fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Smoothies will play an integral role in your energy levels, creativity, and productivity and is related to improving your happiness and outlook on life.

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