Burrillville Community Weight Loss Program

A reminder for all those registered and anyone who has not yet registered for the

Burrillville Community Weight Loss Program

Tonight is the start of our 12 week program!

It starts at 7:30p at the Burrillville Recreation Center, 50 Lodge Road, Pascoag, RI

The cost is $84.00 per person and runs for twelve consecutive weeks.

There are still a few spots open…join us to start YOUR weight loss journey today.

Our program runs during the holiday season through February.
Most people gain weight at this time of year and then make a resolution
to lose it all in January. The disappointment comes when we don’t lose it quickly enough
and then we give up. It’s a vicious cycle we all go through. You are not alone.
We are here to work through this together.
Start now, prevent the gain now and sustain through holiday.
Resolve to keep going & make different resolutions for this coming New Year.

                          “If an egg is broken from the outside, life ends.
                                                   If an egg is broken from the inside, life begins.”

~ Great things always begin on the inside ~

Trust Yourself

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