Quick Update…

So as many of you know, Starbucks came out with the new Refreshers and additional coffee and tea K-Cups this week which seemed to go over pretty well. I spent half of my week at Starbucks in Lincoln where it was nice to see quite a few of my regular customers I hadn’t seen in a while and the other half at Wayland Square, so it seemed like a long week. I really needed some chill and veg time, so I spent a few hours updating my blog which I haven’t done in quite a while. It’s cleaner and more concise than it was previously and with just a few more tweaks, it will be close to perfect. I am pretty happy with it now.

Also, to those of you who received an email from me regarding LinkedIN it is legit. I signed up through one of the share buttons on my blog site for LinkedIn using the log-in I use for email and it sent a message to everyone on my list!!! Ugh! So if you got an email from me to accept me or sign up for an account, that is utterly optional and up to you. Still trying to figure that all out, but I think it will be good overall.

Now going to cool off in the back yard with some watermelon and maybe a dip in the pool after an afternoon walk with my daughter to visit our friends…until next time!

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