Meet Tera Warner ♥ Fresh Thinking for Healthy Living

Tera Warner is the friendly, frisky founder of the world’s largest online resource of raw food cleansing and detoxification programs for women. Through her programs and annual WISH Summit she invites a community of over 100,000 women around the world to pick up their parsley sprigs and march, dance, sing, jum p or fly along path to vibrant living.

She’s not got a string of acronyms after her name and fancy credentials, so don’t bother looking for them. She’s a monkey-lovin’ mama doing her best to remind you that your self-worth is not measured by the size of your thighs or the width of your hips, but by the breadth of your dreams and the depth of your love.

Tera spent most of her days in university studying monkeys, and now she’s simply trying to teach the world to eat like one.

You can get a taste of her chimpanzee-approved menus by taking the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. Packed with recipes, free resources, articles and support, this is sure to get you hanging from the branches or at least walking with a new swing in your step.

Should you survive that with ease, then climb aboard the 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox and find out what a few weeks on fresh food can do for your health and youthful good looks! This is our most-loved detox program and a piece of cake, even for newcomers to the raw food diet! With loads of books, resources, and community support you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cucumber cravings around here.

Tera’s gonna make Jenny Craig shake in her skinny jeans!

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