Mushrooms Anyone?

Ok, so you all know I love gardening of any kind, and I have been wanting to forage for mushrooms for quite a while now, but never really knew where to go, what to look for and when. I have taken a few seminars and know a few friends who forage mushrooms with great luck and skill, however, I would not be confident in harvesting wild mushrooms on my own.

This pic was taken Jan 25…they are almost ready for harvest! So excited!!

After working like crazy over the holidays to make up for covid-down time, I had the time to start researching what it takes to grow your own mushrooms. Well, there is a huge community out there who supports learning and sharing the skills necessary for growing. Most of those involve a lot of equipment and space and sterile environments, which I don’t have.

There are also several growers who support the home indoor gardener, like me, providing grow kits you can get in a variety of species of mushrooms, guaranteed to grow. So I thought I would give it a try and see what happens. So I did! I am sooo excited to show you how it is going!

Check out these photos I took of my King Trumpet grow bag from Nearby Naturals. King Trumpets are also known as King Oysters and grow a fairly large mushroom right on your kitchen counter, or dining room table! It is so easy and fun, I couldn’t resist trying these out. I have had them only a few short weeks and it is amazing to see how fast they grow once they get started. The last five photos below are the most recent, from January 21 and they are getting big fast and really looking mushrooms!

Some links are sponsored affiliate links to the Nearby Naturals website.

Nearby Naturals is located in Florida and started by a few innovative entrepreneurs. Their enthusiasm and ingenuity intrigued me and I decided to get my first grow bag from them. Even though I was worried that my environment wouldn’t work because it is still so cold here right now, they assured me that as long as I followed the instructions (and they show videos how to grow!) I couldn’t go wrong. So I did. And they were right!! OMG so freakin’ fun. I cannot wait to taste them! I have been researching recipes like crazy. But, as an added bonus, they send you recipes in their newsletter. We are kindred spirits! I love it.

Nearby Naturals started as a tiny urban mushroom farm in a rental house garage. In the past 2 years the company bloomed into a high volume mushroom farm supplying eateries and hotels out of a large warehouse in Downtown Orlando. When COVID shut down their clientele, their model shifted to focusing on helping beginner mushroom growers fit growing into their lifestyles. 

Founders Sam Turner and Soraya Fernandez-Hazoury lead the team in shipping live mushroom mycelium products nationwide. After 35,000+ successful grows all over the country, they are very excited to continue teaching and spreading the joy and flavors of fresh home-grown fungi.

To learn more about Sam and Soraya and see more pics of their sterile grow environment and where they work go to their website HERE.

If you are interested in purchasing your own mushroom grow bag, feel free to use my coupon code GROWITHRANDROP and receive a 10% discount on your order at check out.

Here are some pics from the last few days…Wowza!

King Trumpet Jumbo Kit

This pic is from the Nearby Naturals website depicting what they will look like when ready for harvest.

My pic, just above, shows what they looked like yesterday, Jan 23!

I have a day or two to wait before I can pick my first home grown mushroom and it is killing me….ugh! Enjoy!

North Spore

Interested in outdoor mushroom gardening in beds or on logs? Check out NORTH SPORE for more information, go to their website or go to my page to see some pics and get some ideas. The possibilities are endless!

Some links are sponsored affiliate links to the Nearby Naturals and the North Spore websites.