Bloom Where You Are Planted

Join me for the fun, interesting and enlightening 10-Day Gratefulness Challenge and choose to make life happen on your terms.

You are meant to have an amazing life. You are meant to wake up every day filled with inspiration and excitement for the day ahead. If you feel you are not living with excitement and in harmony with the world around you every day, you may not be practicing gratitude and positivity on a daily basis. If you find you have good luck sometimes, then you might be feeling positive only some of the time.

How you feel and the feelings you exude, are like a magnet. You get what you give. Simply, if you give a smile, chances are, you will get one in return. Same goes if you scowl at someone and grumble under your breath all the time, people around you will tend to react the same. So what you project out into the world is what you receive back.

And the things we think about ourselves and others are no different. If you think negative thoughts, you will feel bad and mostly likely have a bad day. Our thoughts and words have such amazing power. We believe the things we tell ourselves and speak about others. Why not make life easier by thinking positive thoughts instead?

Working as a health & fitness coach, I help my clients transform their mindset. First and foremost, it is a huge part of gaining health and vitality. Working through whatever ails you, whether it is food, habit or lack of fitness, financial freedom. It is all largely based on your thought process. When your mind is trained to think and react positively, it gives you the upper hand.

When we take a positive outlook on things, life will get better. When we have faith and trust that the world is our oyster and we can have and be all that we desire, we must take inspired action. When we take inspired action, we start to create a better here and now. When we create a better here and now, our future brightens up presenting a host of possibilities. When we have a choice in what’s presented, we now have control over the paths we take. Of course there will be challenges, and we may not always choose the right path. They are there for a reason and you are meant to have those. Otherwise, we would never know the difference between a life of chaos and hardship and a life of fantastic and amazing opportunities.

When life gets tough, we tend to go inside ourselves and pick ourselves and our friends apart. Most of the time, the negative things we say are really complaints that we blame everything and everyone else for. We place blame on things outside ourselves for the reasons things are the way they. It is like blaming the Oreos or potato chips for the reason we are unhappy instead of the action we took in eating them.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever felt that things never go your way? That life is a constant disappointment and you will never get ahead? Is it a constant chatter in your head every day that never goes away? That is called negative self-talk and it is our worst enemy.

The good news is:
There is a way to free yourself from that negative self-talk, turning it all around so that you focus on positive, rewarding and uplifting statements by practicing gratitude and positivity every day, at every moment an opportunity arises.

Where do you start?
It starts now by joining my 10-Day Gratefulness Challenge that officially kicks off on Monday, June 17th, the Strawberry Full Moon!

Gratefulness and positivity doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It is not something we are taught in school or during childhood. But there is a process and I can show you how. We begin with the basics of eliminating the beliefs we use as our protective coating right now, working through ten different steps that will help you plant your garden of happiness and bloom into gratefulness where it will deeply touch your soul.

The steps we take force us to take a hard look at many aspects of our lives: health, fitness, money, career, etc. Once you begin this Gratefulness journey, your life will begin to blossom with opportunity and possibility!

You can even start today with re-phrasing!
Here are a few negative things I hear a lot from all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds:

  • I hate my hair
  • Ugh, I am so fat
  • I look so old, I have too many wrinkles
  • My boss is a jerk and I hate my job
  • I wish I didn’t live in this chaos
  • I never have enough money to pay bills
  • I will never find the right partner
  • When will the season finally change, I can’t stand it anymore

Here is how to rephrase some of those negatives and turn it into a soul-shining positive:

  • Even though my hair is hard to work with, I found a cut I really love that works well for me right now!
  • Even though I am not at my ideal weight, I am feeling so much better with the healthier food choices I am making.
  • I cannot change my age, so I am choosing to embrace it by calling my wrinkles laugh-lines or signs of wisdom.
  • My boss must be under a lot of pressure to constantly be in such a bad mood all the time. I am so glad my job is easy in comparison.
  • I will take an hour every day after work to clean and organize one section of (whatever is in chaos) so that in one month, I can come home from work and just relax and breathe.
  • I may not be a millionaire, but I have all that I need to live a full life: food, heat, water, entertainment, car, friends, etc.
  • I have not found Mr/Mrs Right yet, but I am enjoying the process of meeting and getting to know new people in the meantime.
  • I love how when I feel like the season is dragging on too long, it seems to change all of a sudden, and that makes me happy.

You have choices…
If you want to change even one small aspect of your life, it all begins with YOU! Make the choice to sign up now and join the 10-Day Gratefulness Challenge and find your world of possibility. Change is hard, facing certain facts might not be easy, but it is doable without too much time or effort, and the results will be as amazing as you are!

Join me for the fun, interesting and enlightening 10-Day Gratefulness Challenge and choose to make life happen on your terms. You have been yearning for it. You deserve it.

I am so excited to help you through this next season of your amazing life! The Challenge starts whenever YOU are ready to make changes to your current situation, no matter how rich or poor, old or young, or what culture you come from or religion you practice. Sign up now, so you don’t miss any of the daily activities. I am looking forward to positively blooming with you!