Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Oh. My. Goodness. Springtime in New England is wonderful and just as colorful as Autumn! Have you noticed how long the Forsythias stayed in bloom? Those are the bright burst of yellow color we see first in early spring. Have you taken an early morning walk in the damp fog and noticed all that is happening right in your own back (or front) yard?

Mid-spring, May

It is G-d’s gifts of Mother Nature that make me jump out of bed every morning seeking the little surprises I know are waiting to be discovered, along with the meowing of my kitties waiting to be fed and let out for their morning rituals.

How you choose to spend the first moments of each morning can dictate how your day progresses. Before I even look at my phone or computer or check my busy schedule for the day, I choose to take a morning gratitude walk around my yard. During my walk I give thanks to my higher powers for granting me another glorious day ahead, envisioning all that is possible for me, setting positive intentions, and breathing deeply of the earthy scents around me.

I walk with my eyes and heart wide open, no matter how tired I might feel. I am grateful for the glimpse all kinds of flora and fauna that have ventured through the woods during the night or sprung up from the ground to surprise me in the morning. In the land that surrounds me, it is amazing to me that there is so much going on when the skunks, raccoons and opossum come through, scratching the surface for grubs. I can track the deer that come through on a deer trail that runs at the far edge, traveling up and along an old cemetery at the corner of our property.

Early Spring, April

Every morning there are new sprouts or mushrooms or the leaves of hostas, rhubarb and fiddleheads unfurling. I love every minute I spend each morning savoring the quietude and anticipating the vibrant, awesome day to come.

I hope you enjoy this virtual walk through my gardens and it inspires you to take a walk through yours!