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Class Begins on Wednesday, March 29th and Space is Very Limited.

My JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in 6 Weeks is a group coaching program for women that is an alternative to a traditional diet that teaches you how to enrich your lifestyle through food and fitness and starts soon on Wednesday, March 29th in Mapleville, RI.
Click here to find out how you can register early and get a very special bonus!

We all know that diets don’t work, yet we constantly go on diets almost every week! Diets are very restrictive. They either allow you to eat only one particular food group and eliminate others, which is not good for overall health. How many times have you heard you should eliminate all carbs, or all sugar, or eat just low fat, or no fat at all, or eat just animal protein. How many diets are all about counting calories, or grams or points? And, how many times have you gone on a diet on Monday, cheat on Tuesday and are totally derailed by Wednesday and now beating yourself up for not having more willpower? It’s exhausting and a lot of work! I work with women every day who tell how this vicious cycle causes so much stress, anxiety and depression than the diet itself. Unfortunately, it happens all the time, and we often feel it’s easier to just stay fat and miserable. Well it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Well there is a solution and it’s really quite simple.

But let me ask you this first. What is it that you really want from the “diet” you think you need to be on all the time? Do you want to:

  • Improve your health
  • Eat better foods?
  • Ditch the junk foods?
  • Lower your cholesterol?
  • Regulate your blood sugar levels?
  • Lower your blood pressure?
  • Fit into your cute clothes?
  • Weigh a certain number on the scale?
  • Have more energy & stamina?
  • Feel beautiful and confident?
  • Walk a flight of stairs?

The reasons we go on a diet is very specific for each of us, but the answers are all really quite similar. If you are tired of the yo-yo diets and chasing every fad diet that comes along, it’s time to stop. I have a solution. It’s simple and it’s doable and it’s sensible.
It’s my group coaching program JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in 6 Weeks and is a way to regain your health and lose weight that is not just another diet you can’t stick to for more than a couple of days but a lifestyle that you’ll continue to evolve and use for your lifetime.

JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in 6 Weeks  is about getting healthy in mind, body and spirit and shows you how to create good habits around food and fitness that doesn’t eliminate all the things you love, but teaches you about basic nutrition and how to really overcome the cravings. It doesn’t require you to join a gym or do cardio you can’t possibly do right now or buy more equipment you won’t use, but teaches you how to start moving in a way that is easy and comfortable for you, that you’ll actually look forward to. And it’s not about buying special food & supplements that require constant replenishment but teaches you how to add more whole foods into your life without spending more.

I have helped so many women gain health and happiness with my JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in 6 Weeks program. This is a group coaching program for women that deals with developing a healthy mindset, building a healthy foods list and recipe resources as well as getting you moving in a way that makes you happy so that you continue to do it.

My JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH in 6 Weeks group coaching starts on Wednesday, March 29th in Mapleville, RI and if you register by March 18, I will give you a very special bonus workshop! Click here for more details, course description and bonuses!

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