Back to Work or Surgery??

Hmmm, let me see…Given the choice, I would LOVE to go back to work. But, I would not be able to hold up at all. So why postpone surgery another six weeks,when in reality, surgery is the eventual outcome anyway. So I am choosing surgery now, sooner than later, and hopefully it will take care of the problem.

The surgery will remove a piece of bone that tried to adhere to a main bone on the outside of my foot, where there isn’t supposed to be a bone. The tissue that binds the two pieces of bone has been compromised. As a result,  the tendons in my ankle were shredded and torn and now also need to be repaired.

My doctor says that this procedure has a healing time of three to six weeks. As I am anxious to get back to work, I would love to heal in three weeks. Power of positive thinking?? I hope so. Reality? Most likely will end up being the six weeks. So we’ll see.

If anyone has had experience in this area, please share your thoughts on your surgery, your recuperation and any physical therapy you may have had and if you had any  pharmeceuticals or herbal therapies for your recovery. I am a natural healer and don’t usually take any kind of medicine, so I am curious as to what may work for the majority.

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