Private 1:1 Health Coaching

Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle
Is my Private, One-On-One Program Designed for Women Over 40 who 
Desire to Achieve
Freedom from Yo-Yo Dieting and Poor Eating Habits by Changing their Relationship with Food Naturally so they can Live the Healthy, Vibrant & Awesome Life they Deserve

Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle

Visualize this for yourself…

…Imagine yourself transformed into someone who can pass up the daily routine of your favorite, unhealthy fast-food drive thru meal & beverage for a healthy, homemade, nutritious alternative & LOVE IT.

…Imagine if you could reduce your risk of lifestyle-related diseases and easily create good habits around food & exercise for your best health that will last you a lifetime.

…Imagine yourself fearlessly wearing and actually fitting into your favorite clothes—you know, the ones you refuse to throw out or give away, taking up tons of space in your closet because “you will fit back into them one day.”

Ok, time for a reality check…

Sadly, I know that everything you’ve just imagined is pretty far from your truth.

Fear, stress and insomnia keep you stuck in the vicious cycle of poor eating patterns that leave you unsatisfied and still hungry so you eat more, continue to gain weight and it’s making you sad and angry and miserable.

You’re relying on the hope that one day you will magically lose the weight and get healthy; that the next diet you try will be the one and you will erase the pounds you want to lose and a new, skinny version of yourself will emerge.

You start the day in a mad rush, failing to eat breakfast, finding yourself at the local drive thru, ordering a sugary drink, a fatty breakfast sandwich and dooming yourself for a day filled with cravings, over-eating, and feeling sick & bloated — again!

Do you ever feel like…
  • You’re the only one who doesn’t know the secret to managing cravings and sustainable weight loss?
  • You have tried every diet out there and nothing has worked for you and doesn’t last?
  • You don’t have the time, skill or equipment needed to make delicious meals?
  • The kind of success you desire requires you to restrict calories or count fat & carb grams, take supplements or meal replacement shakes, or eat certain foods you don’t like?
  • You have to spend money on gym equipment and videos you won’t do because they are beyond your capability?
If you’re nodding your head yes, I understand your frustration and I’ve got some news for you…

Yes! You’ve been left out on a secret – but not for much longer.
(Give me a minute and I’ll tell you what it is)

Here’s the Scoop
There IS a system available that you’re lacking…

That system is called “Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle” and you’re about to learn the skill you need so you can take control of your poor eating habits and overwhelming cravings so that you transform into the healthier, more confident YOU of your dreams.

I’m here to help you especially if:

You’re struggling to overcome any type of food cravings, midnight snacking, feeling hungry even after a meal, the fear that you won’t have enough to eat if you do go on a diet or the constant anxiety that no matter how much you diet or exercise, you can’t lose the cravings or the weight.


You’ve been diagnosed with, or have had a brush with a life-threatening, lifestyle-related disease or situation and you know that you need to make some changes regarding your health and you don’t know where to begin or how to get started.

No matter where you are on YOUR health & fitness journey, here’s what I want you to know and feel in your heart – You are ready to change your outlook on your life and…

Guess what?
Those thin people are not special, extraordinary or unique.

  • YOU deserve the freedom from harmful cravings you desire they have.
  • YOU deserve self-esteem and confidence to live freely they radiate, and
  • YOU deserve the health and body you are longing to have.

AND IT CAN BE ALL YOURS – RIGHT NOW! No joke…I am totally serious…for real!

I’m Raindrop Fisher and I created Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle
for people just like you!
And, unlike a lot of weight loss programs, this is NOT a diet.

Why should you work with me?

I bring real life experience to the table and I understand your struggle. When I started my family, I owned a graphic design firm and worked many, many long hours each week. During both of my pregnancies, I developed cravings for odd foods, like we all do, and gained an awful lot of weight. I thought I would go back to my regular size afterwards, but I couldn’t seem to shed the pounds no matter what I tried. And those cravings didn’t go away! I remember starting my diet out strong every Monday, resolving to finally do it — stick to it and follow it through. By mid-week I was so far off-track and feeling like a failure and felt so miserable about myself, that the whole thing was too overwhelming and I found myself giving in to defeat. Luckily, I have a very loving, supportive husband who tried to encourage me, but it wasn’t what I needed at the time and I continued to flounder.

There wasn’t a program out there that gave me the process or support that I identified with or the results I needed or wanted. It seemed I had to give up too much of the real me to get the vision I wanted for myself. I didn’t want or need to be supermodel thin. I just wanted to be healthy and comfortable in my own body, wear the clothes that made me feel lovely and be able to find joy in my life without missing out on anything.

So, over the past 18 years, I became certified as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and was a certified personal fitness trainer for many years and created and developed my program Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle. My program is not a diet but a health plan that you control and put to work so it suits you, for who you are right now. I share with you the same steps I used to overcome my own food and weight loss issues. While my program does require action and commitment, the steps are manageable and sustainable, requiring time and patience and love for yourself.

I initially launched and taught my program as community-based group program where I live. I have successfully helped so many people who have changed their lives using my steps to gain control of their food cravings and addictions. They have created good habits around food and exercise, making better choices that lead to the sustainable weight loss and the life they desire. I have enjoyed tremendous local success and want to share that with you today. I’ve also created my Facebook page and website, Healthier Fit Lifestyle where I continue sharing my passion for health and fitness with ways to make life easier and more fun regarding healthy weight loss, easy exercise, nutritional information and yummy recipes.

Recently, in the last ten years, I have worked as a manager for a global, upscale, fast-food chain where I trained and motivated our employees to develop their full potential so they could advance in their lives personally and professionally. For so long, I witnessed the daily habits of our customers and know first-hand the effects of consuming these products has on one’s body over time. I finally left my job as it did not align with my vision and passion for health coaching and Living MY Healthier Fit Lifestyle.

I use my real life experience to teach my clients how to overcome their unhealthy obsession with food without dieting, that are successful and sustainable.

As a fellow chronic dieter and junk food junkie, I bring a unique perspective to the table when it comes to pushing through the cravings and making better choices around food so that I can stay on track every day.

I’m here to empower women, just like you, to take control of obsessive, unhealthy food addictions, create new habits and erase limiting beliefs so you can live a life free from the frustration of the diet roller coaster.

If you see all of my current success and assume that I’ve always been successful –let me tell you – that is NOT the case!

Even though I had tried every fad diet and bought every type of exercise equipment you can think of, I was still unhealthy and overweight.

I saw other people staying slim and eating whatever they wanted, while I struggled constantly to gain control over my unhealthy habits, becoming desperate and willing to try crazy techniques.

I was sluggish and tired and had no energy and jumped from one diet to another, just hoping to lose even one pound!

I was so unhappy and so uncomfortable in my own skin that I started missing out on outings and events with family and friends. I started hiding my poor eating habits so that no one would know just how out of control I really was.

I would sabotage any progress I made with one bad food choice and felt like an utter failure and no matter how hard I tried, my will power just wasn’t there.

And for so long I just felt hopeless & unhappy, staying stuck in my ways, and sinking deeper into despair…

I was nutritionally starved while filling up on and overeating the wrong foods. There was no system in place for how to change my mindset around my choices to allow me to achieve my transformation.

Looking back, I felt overwhelmed with motherhood and still working, over-tired with sleepless nights and I became emotionally drained. I was unable to break the cycle of the constant sugar and carb cravings were which seemed to keep my energy up until it wore off and I crashed, hard.

My vision wasn’t clear
I was lacking confidence & motivation
I was so far away from my goal weight it seemed impossible
Simply put, I was a physical and emotional mess!

But, my big breakthrough came when my best friend, Evy, died at work, at her desk, in less than an hour after taking a fad-diet drug called phen-phen, leaving behind two young girls. I was devastated by her death and the reason behind it. I still am. My world came crashing down and reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Something had to change for me and for all women in this same situation.

In honor of her memory, I spent every day over the next year getting serious about my weight and health and lost over 54 pounds and have kept it off ever since. That means that my weight hasn’t yo-yo’d in years (I am now over 50-yikes!) and have maintained good health, have no medical condition to worry about and take no medications!

These days I’m able to live freely and happily knowing that my cravings don’t own me and whenever I experience a hint of a craving, I have the ability to overcome it easily, every time.
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What Difference Does Having a Health Coach Make?
    • I help you pinpoint and confront the reasons why you overeat. I help you overcome what’s holding you back. We work together so that you can effortlessly increase your health and happiness right away so you can start Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle!
    • I’m here to show you the exact steps I took to gain control of my overeating & obsessive eating patterns so you too can get off the diet roller coaster once and for all. I am the real deal. You will have my top secrets and amazing strategies that will empower you to believe in yourself. If I can do it, you can do it too! I teach you the basics of nutrition and help you craft a Meal Plan with foods you like!
    • During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and motivator. I am there to share the pain, show you the light AND kick your butt when you need it! I give you easy exercises to incorporate into your daily life, not matter your fitness level, without equipment or doing a hundred sit-ups!
    • Think of me as more than your health coach. While you’re implementing this program, I’ll act as your partner for success and keep you top of mind throughout and take a vested interest in your absolute best health.

Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle
Is especially for women who are ready to dig-deep and get real with their relationship with food, building the confidence needed to make profound changes in their health and fitness so they consistently make better choices once and for all.

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  • Before you attempt to go out and try another fad diet or spend another dime on a gym membership or home exercise equipment you won’t use, let me save you the time, effort, and money by showing you exactly what you’ll get in just 4 months with me! (Believe me. I tried it all and spent top dollar on equipment, only to sell it for pennies at a yard sale!)
  • If you’re willing to dig deep within and confront your food addictions head on, you can guarantee your own success with my signature program.
  • I have consistently filled all the spots in my group health coaching programs in the past several years. I also stay booked solid in my One-on-One program because I’m able to give you the tools you need to develop your skill to lose the weight you want so that you feel free and happy again.
Here’s What You’ll Have In Just 4 Months of Working with Me:
  • Pin-Point and Confront your Biggest Challenges
  • Discover Why Your Eating Habits are Out of Control
  • Craft a Health Plan that Works Especially for You
  • Consistently Make Better Food Choices
  • Create Meal Plans around Foods You Enjoy
  • Create an Exercise Plan that is Easy for You
  • Feel Better than Ever, Mentally & Physically
  • Feel Confident and Beautiful in Your Wardrobe

I know you’re sick and tired of feeling powerless, inactive and overwhelmed.
That has got to stop! I’m also going to show you how to:

Get yourself off the couch and start moving without doing 100 sit-ups or lunges, without doing crazy cardio routines you can’t handle or spending hours at the gym.

  • If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a deep desire to save your life now and get off the diet roller coaster. By just being here and learning this secret you already have the upper-hand when it comes to confronting your biggest food challenges.
  • But, just imagine how you’ll feel when you actually start seeing your results.
  • While others are still grasping for a quick fix and struggling breathlessly to walk up a flight of stairs, you’ll be cruising right along with a long-term plan for maintaining your sustainable weight loss far into the future.

Want to Know if Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle is right for You?

We Can Create YOUR Best Health Today, If You:

  • Are a woman over 40 looking to achieve overall health in mind, body and spirit
  • Desire guidance on how to create your best health without dieting
  • Have a deep desire to finally dig-deep and get real with your relationship with food NOW
  • Want to learn how to master the art of meal planning and prepping
  • Want to put it all together once and for all and get off the diet rollercoaster for good
  • Want to transform your life forever and embrace freedom so that you can finally start to enjoy your life again, looking forward to a dignified future you have control over
  • Understand the value of coaching and need a mentor who’s already been in your shoes and understands what you’re feeling and what it takes to make it work

This is NOT for You IF You:

  • Don’t believe in paying for coaching or investing in yourself because you’re a professional and you should know how to do this already
  • Aren’t willing to do what it takes to get crystal clear about what’s keeping you fat
  • Would rather keep toiling along, struggling to desperately lose a few pounds, only to have them come back
  • Don’t see the value in your transformation and want to continue spending time & money on quick-fix programs
  • Would rather stay stuck on the diet treadmill and see what new pill comes out next
  • Are, quite frankly, too lazy and aren’t ready to let go of your old beliefs (thoughts like “eating healthy is too hard and I’ll never lose the weight!”)

Find out how I can support you in Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle.

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Hiring a 1:1 coach to go through this 4-Month transformation can be pricey and you’ll only hear my perspective on your Health.

By enrolling in Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle you’ll get all the support you need from me and your like-minded sisters in a members-only group while investing in and transforming yourself.

This program grants you an exclusive invitation to get a behind the scenes look at
my exact strategies for creating a Health Plan that consistently guides you to your Best Health to lose weight, ditch the meds and lose the cravings so that you can start
Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle now!

Could you lose weight and get fit on your own? Maybe.
But with this DIY approach you’ll also experience extreme stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

Then you’ll find yourself in exactly the same spot you’re standing in
today – the only difference is maybe a year will have gone by!

Why are you hesitating?

Right now you’ve got two choices:

~~Choice 1~~

You can either head off and attempt another diet all on your own, Or

~~Choice 2~~

You can access the exact program I’ve used to lose weight, get fit and have fun in your life!

Taking this course is not about buying into another diet that doesn’t work and putting a band-aid on your current health. It’s about taking action to heal your poor condition, mentally and physically, and finally putting an end to your pain and suffering. It’s about finding the gumption to grasp your inner strength in a way that will pull you forward, out of your darkness and into your light.

What are you waiting for?
Find out how I can support you in Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle.
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