What is an Essentric Workout?

Essentrics is a set of trademark exercises developed by esteemed Miranda Esmonde-White and her team of master trainers, doctors, scientists and therapists. Essentrics is a series of lengthening and strengthening stretching movements that require a little practice and you will feel energized and balanced in no time!

It is a series of lengthening and strengthening movements, slowly performed in a precise order that uses all 650 muscles of the body. It helps to transform tight joints and muscles to potentially relieve chronic pain and inflammation. With consistency, these exercises can restore balance, improve posture, help to slim the waist, gain strength in and toning of the muscles and joints.

Who is it for?

Essentrics is for everyone!
However, most of my clients are over 40 and experience some sort of aches, pains, fatigue or are recovering from surgery or injury or a sedentary lifestyle. However, these days, even young people in their twenties are experiencing muscle atrophy because of all the computer and cell phone usage, with little to no fitness routine in place. So anyone who wants to, can benefit from doing an Essentric workout.

Join Our Class!

Small Group Essentrics classes are $15 per person, per session
These classes are limited to three people via Zoom video conferencing app, on a first come first served basis. You may sign up for multiple classes in advance to secure your spot.

  • Tuesday @ 9am
  • Thursday @ 9am

A basic personal info and health history form along with a Release of Liability Waiver form must be completed along with PayPal payment prior to beginning a class.

Once received, your unique log-in credentials will be emailed to you so you can join the class. Your prompt attendance is appreciated as class time is one hour. We recommend a minimum of four classes before moving on to our larger group classes.

Large Group Essentrics classes are $10 per person, per week
These classes are limited to members who have taken classes with me for the year prior to COVID-19 lockdown at a participating center: Lincoln Senior Center, Glocester Senior Center, Pascoag Public Library OR have taken the required 4 Small Group Sessions.

  • Monday @ 11am
  • Wednesday @ 10:15am
  • Friday Bonus Workout (irregularly scheduled @10:45a)

You may sign up and pay for a week or a month, and you will have access to all classes for that week or month whether you take the class or not. No refunds or make up classes are offered at this time. Invoices are sent by email through PayPal with payment due prior to the start of class.