Tasty Summer Treat!

Lemon Chia Pudding This recipe is adapted from a recipe by Vegan Richa... It's a lovely, tart and sweet lemon curd pudding that is just in time for summer treats and can be enjoyed frozen! On hot days, we all need something to refresh and fill us up for a snack or breakfast. Cue Lemon + … Continue reading Tasty Summer Treat!


Recurring Nightmare of the Gypsy Moth!

Aaargh! Who remembers the Invasion of the Gypsy Moth in Summer of 1981? That August, they were literally everywhere and on every thing. They covered entire houses and cars, engines and tires, walkways and entire roadways so that you couldn't drive down the road without hearing hundreds of them pop under the tires or walk down the street … Continue reading Recurring Nightmare of the Gypsy Moth!