Here’s What People Are Saying About My Programs

There is a different meaning for each of us in Living Our Healthier Fit Lifestyles!

LYHFL Celebratory Pot Luck, Harrisville, RI

I liked all the in depth nutrition information and suggestions for better choices. It was enjoyable to be with a small group so that discussions were easy to have.
I like knowing there is “forgiveness for our eating sins!”

Anna K., Jumstart Your Health, Curves of Webster, MA

This class was very simply, informational & life-changing!

All the modules were easy to implement into my daily life & everything fit together so well. My biggest win was honesty with myself and the best ways to take care of myself better, step-by-step. I learned so much about nutrition and how to feel better without the guilt!

Pamela J., Jumstart Your Health, Curves of Webster, MA

I liked the whole class and think every portion is necessary.
Lorraine is knowledgeable and a great speaker. She knows so much about nutrition,
eating habits and gave a lot of great recipes! I enjoyed the entire program.
I am taking all the information and applying it to change my lifestyle.

Pat Z., Jumstart Your Health, Curves of Webster, MA

I think that every single week I learned a lot of good information and every class was necessary.

To become aware of what kind of stuff and preservatives
are in our foods has been a real eye-opener.

Everybody is different and has different needs and questions. Raindrop gets that and I like that we had the time to address each one. What I learned in this program was life-changing for me. I feel like I finally know the “truth” about nutrition and healthy eating. Thank you!

Rosalia H., Jumstart Your Health, Curves of Webster, MA

I liked learning about eating healthy and natural foods.

Also knowing that it’s not all or nothing…that eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up everything and it’s okay to eat some things that are not so good for you once in a while.

Grace V., Jumstart Your Health, Curves of Webster, MA

All the information that was given was very interesting and informative.
It was an educational experience for me and my biggest take-away was that I liked
learning about the ingredient & nutrition labels from different products.

Lenore, Jumstart Your Health, Curves of Webster, MA

Good start to a change in lifestyle.

Jumpstart Your Health Member, Mapleville, RI

Great place to meet people and share experiences and recipes!

Jumpstart Your Health Member, Harrisville, RI

“I have always been a “picky” eater, so very little fruits, vegetables, or salads were part of my daily diet. Lorraine made suggestions on how I could make smoothies to include some of those foods and encouraged me to try some new ones. Lorraine’s nutrition knowledge is extensive and her weekly handouts are packed with information, advice and recipes. She will actually bring in products to show you healthy alternatives. I may not be making my own granola but my kitchen is now stocked with better choices of peanut butter, cooking spray, cereal, healthy nuts, butter, herbs and honey. Thanks, Lorraine!”

Marsha T., Jumpstart Your Health, Pascoag, RI