Hello there lovely!
I am Raindrop Fisher, mind-body health Coach,
whole foods advocate, bone builder and fitness leader
influencing the behavior of those struggling to create a healthy
lifestyle by empowering them to make toxic-free choices in their food
sources and personal care products is my top priority.
i am passionate about helping women who desire
freedom from yo-yo dieting and poor eating habits 
to make the shifts
needed to transform from negative to positive, from junk food to whole
food and from listless to fitness, 
so they start living the vibrant,
healthy lives they desire and deserve!

my mission is to create a world of good one person
and one household at a time. 
together we’ll set standards
for creating daily habits that include nourishing 
foods and
simple movement while 
eliminating toxic products
from our everyday use.


Long ago, I made a promise to myself to always stay active in my life and there was plenty of inspiration for me to pull from, both good and bad.

Way back when I was a teenager, there was an old woman who lived alone on my street. Her name was Flo. What I remember most about Flo, was that every autumn, she was up on her roof top, sweeping the fallen leaves from the roof and every winter she shoveled her own driveway! She amazed me.
My own grandmother needed help out of the car and walking up the stairs and  she and Flo were about the same age. I knew then I didn’t want to grow fragile when I got old!

However, that doesn’t mean I ran marathons or was a serious athlete. Far from it! My whole life, I have had my own struggles with weight and I suffered from yo-yo dieting. A lot of the time, my weight issue was really in my head and how I viewed myself! What I saw in the mirror was not reality, so I had a very skewed self-image and that drove my eating decisions for a long time.

My passion for health and fitness stems from my very close friends and family suffering from health complications, some of whom died from diabetes, trying fad-diet drugs that went seriously wrong or dying on the operating table during open heart surgery. All three died between the ages of 30 and 35 and was devastating every time. Each of them revolved around bad food habits and poor lifestyle choices, and could have, most likely, been prevented.

That’s what prompted me to find my own way out of the junk food jungle. I had to correct my poor eating habits, I had to heal from not only feeling crappy, bloated and miserable everyday, but from my perception of myself. I had to heal from the inside. I had to get real with my self-image, my self-worth and I had to believe in myself. I had kids, so I didn’t want them to grow up with the same feelings about body image I have. After a long battle of many a fad diet, it became my mission to lose the weight naturally.

I eventually found the key to enjoying fresh whole foods and easy exercise routines that keep me happy and healthy. I also started to realize that it wasn’t just the food and exercise that was giving me a problem. It was the harsh chemicals in the laundry detergents and other products I was using. So, one by one, I started changing what I was putting in my body as well as what I put on it or against my skin. It wasn’t easy, though and it didn’t happen overnight. When I hear people say that it’s too hard, or don’t have time, or whatever, I get it! It was, and still is, a process. And a commitment. But, I am determined never to be dependent on health insurance “well care.”

So I choose to continue to take care of myself in mind, body and spirit, working towards my ideal weight and health, naturally and toxic-free. Every day.

I am well over 50, take no medications, have no medical conditions to worry about and I sleep soundly every night. I work and still have energy to come home and do the things I love, like spending time with my family, cooking, gardening, dancing and listening to music, and helping others lose weight and get to a better level of health.

I know that when we make conscious decisions about eating really good food and including fun and exercise into our daily lives it nurtures a mindful spirit. It lifts us up and lets us shine. And finding ways to put it all together so it fits our schedules is part of the journey towards living freely and naturally.

Sharing those values, practices and routines with you, so that it can work in your life, is what excites me to live my passion everyday. It gets me up in the morning and keeps me going all day. And it is very rewarding. Just like Flo inspired me, I inspire others to remain active, well into the old-and-white-haired years, so they can say:

“I want to be just like her when I grow up.”

So, come on a journey of self-discovery, create your world of good and evolve
into your healthy best so that you can enjoy the freedoms and benefits of
Living YOUR Healthier Fit Lifestyle!

All the information that was given was very interesting and informative.
It was an educational experience for me and my biggest take-away was that I liked
learning about the ingredient & nutrition labels from different products.

Lenore, Webster, MA – Spring 2016

I liked learning about eating healthy and natural foods.

but, also knowing that it’s not all or nothing. That eating healthy doesn’t meat that you have to give up everything, and that it’s okay to eat some things that are not so good for you.

Grace V., Webster, MA – Spring 2016